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Over the weekend, Microsoft resigned their agreement with Twitter that will allow Bing search users to see Twitter results in their Bing searches. This agreement is one of the major factors that makes Bing one of the most socially focused search engines around from Microsoft.

The latest and renewed Twitter deal gives users the ability to see Twitter results when they search for people, places, or events with Bing. As Google cannot integrate these results into their search results, Bing is giving its users something more than Google today.

Bing and Twitter Renew Search Deal

Four Years Of Social Marriage

When Microsoft made the search agreement with Twitter following the breakdown of the Google & Twitter agreement, the shift in the search wars shifted a little towards Bing. The agreement gives users the ability to utilize and see Twitter results from their searches, and shows how valuable the social edge becomes with using Bing.

The agreement now for four years has thrived and has given both Bing and Twitter the edge over Yahoo and Google when it comes to social searches. The ability to surface public tweets from social, public, and friends has given users a great search and social tool. This renewed fourth year of social marriage between the two tech giants shows that Bing and Twitter truly work, and provides a nice revenue stream for each.

Bing Thrives With Twitter Real Time Search and Results

Still Real-Time Access Not Delayed

What makes the Bing and Twitter alliance such a powerful one, is the ability to give users the real-time Twitter feed within Bing, or as it is known the firehose. This firehouse allows for Bing to show almost instant Twitter tweets from users within Bing, and if a current event is happening, it will show up within the Bing search results, and give users a social edge.

By renewing this search deal, for an undisclosed sum, Twitter has truly picked sides in the search wars, and has shown that they want to side with Bing. Whether or not this is a financial or political decision is unknown, but users are the ones who benefit who use Bing. Twitter is the recent talk of a huge IPO on the stock market, and this decision to renew their deal gives Microsoft and Twitter valuable press indeed.

I enjoy Bing and Twitter together, and it’s like PB&J. Get your tweets and search together and it is a great user experience.

Published: Tuesday, November 5th, 2013 Last Modified: November 5, 2013

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