Contacts Into Pokemons With Windows 10 App

There is no shortage of Pokemon fans around the world, and they come in all ages from around the world. Old school Pokemon fans will remember the Pokedex days, and now using PokePeople, you can relive the days of it.

PokePeople is a simple and free Windows 10 app, that lets you add your phones contacts to the app, and add a cry for each contact. You can also add a picture to the contact, and it will tell you which Pokemon the contact is.

Contacts Get Pokemon Actions With PokePeople

PokePeople Features

Whether you want to call PokePeople a productive app or not is questionable, but its a fun app. You can record a cry for everyone, see which Pokemon a contact is, add profile images & descriptions, and export cries to MP3.

The app takes advantage of the growth of the Pokemon world that has erupted since the relaunch of the iOS game, and makes your contacts on Windows 10 a lot more interesting. The fact that its free helps out too.

Days Of Pokedex Get Revamped On Windows 10 With PokePeople

PC and Mobile Compliant

With PokePeople, you can use it on Windows 10 Desktops, laptops, tablets, or mobile devices. It also works across x86, x64, and ARM devices, and that means it should work across anytype of Windows 10 device that you want to Pokemon.

The app itself is put out by vixezApps, who has put out MeowMeowBeenz, Random+, relink Tile+, and other apps. It’s a rather small download at 10MB, and should be a quick install on your Windows 10 device you choose.

PokePeople is just a fun app for Pokemon users. If you love Pokemon and Pokedex, then give it a shot and let us know what you think.

Published: Thursday, November 17th, 2016 Last Modified: November 17, 2016

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