Confirmed: Microsoft Surface Launches Alongside Windows 8

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Microsoft has confirmed its Surface tablets will launched alongside Windows 8, October 26. At the unveiling of the tablets, Steven Sinofsky of Microsoft said the tablets would launch around the general availability of Windows 8.

Thinking of buying Windows 8? You might want to hold off, because Surface is coming on the same day

Since Microsoft confirmed Windows 8 would be arriving October 26, the line of the company’s Surface tablets being available around the general availability of Windows 8 pointed towards a similar period, and the estimations are correct: Microsoft is releasing Surface October 26, 2012, it has confirmed.

Microsoft revealed the news during its annual report filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Not all Surface tablets will be available on the same day as the operating system, though: the Pro versions launch 90 days after, so around three months after/January 2013.

Microsoft Cautious Over Operating System’s Prospects

Microsoft is also rather negative about Windows 8’s prospects in the report. The company said the success depends on whether consumers adopt the new UI (Metro), working with OEMs to release devices showcasing the new operating system’s functionality, and gaining developer support.

All have been issues for Microsoft: enterprise isn’t convinced by Metro, OEMs like HP dropped out of building Windows RT tablets, while it’s unknown how developer support will be at launch. Offering financial incentives, such as higher app starting prices potentially meaning more money versus other app stores, such as on iOS.

Microsoft also said in the report is will incur significant marketing costs for Windows 8, probably reducing operating margins. The company has already aired ads for Internet Explorer 9, and it is striking. Hopefully Windows 8 will be shown in similar fashion, as Metro is different compared to competition.

Pricing is still a mystery; Microsoft said prices for the Windows RT/ARM tablets (the devices releasing at launch) will be competitive with other ARM tablets. Estimations have put the price at around $600, comparable to the 32GB Wi-Fi only iPad. It’s what Surface’s lowest model offers. The Pro Surface devices have been rumored to approaching the $1000 range, but that seems expensive for devices mean to take market share from the iPad.

Windows 8 launches October 26, 2012, along with the Surface for Windows RT tablet.

Published: Monday, July 30th, 2012 Last Modified: July 30, 2012

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