Conduit 2 With Multiplayer Mode [Review]

Conduit 2 Review:
Conduit 2 box art

Multiplayer mode brings new fun to Conduit franchise

One of the most stunning announcements of the new Conduit 2 is the fact that it contains a new multiplayer mode that allows up to four people to play at one time locally or as many as 12 if you are playing over the online platform adding to a great deal of engaging confusion as you attempt to previously snipe the other players. Of course, you better have a large television if you plan on attacking 12 opponents all at one time, but that is half the fun as danger literally can lurk just about everywhere.

Save the World plot still engaging

A plotline that involves you saving the world is not exactly all that new in the video gaming world, but Conduit 2 at least refreshes the idea by adding in its own intriguing details. The basis of the conduit in this episode of the game is a teleportation portal that an alien race uses to invade the country. Only aliens are not the only concern, as your arch nemesis is back and you as Michael Ford are faced with trying to sort through double crossing and government conspiracy to save mankind.

Familiar controls make for easy game play in Conduit 2

If the plot is not familiar to you, it is likely that the controls are going to be because they resemble the Wii GoldenEye OO7 game as you simply have to move the remote around the screen in order to change your point of view and then utilize the Nunchuk to start moving. If you need a bit more accuracy, you can aim with the MOtionPlus accessory or use the Classic Controller for a more clear shot without the shaky feel.

Checkpoints allow for non-repetitive play

While it takes out some of the challenge since you are not as driven to live, what most gamers will likely embrace is the fact that there is a series of checkpoints placed evenly throughout the game so that you do not have to spend some serious time in replay after a death. If you do not go higher than the default difficulty level you likely will not even need the checkpoints because the game play is set to be pretty simple for most regular video gamers.

Release date: April 19, 2011

Published: Monday, June 20th, 2011 Last Modified: June 21, 2011

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