Concerns Of The Desktop Users About Windows 8 Unjustified?

Microsoft has stitched together a hybrid interface in Windows 8 and in doing so has made desktop users quite worried about how it will impact productivity and workflow speed.
Windows 8 Desktop is not that different from the existing desktop

Windows 8 Desktop Experience Is Not That Different From Previous Versions

Windows 8 might look like it is worlds apart from previous iterations of Windows but that is all because of the new fangled Metro UI. Underneath that touch-friendly UI sits the traditional desktop that we all know. And it does not behave the same way as Metro does. So if you are worried about the mobile-oriented features like suspended background tasks and auto-termination of the apps that you are using, you need not worry.

Windows 8 desktop works on the same principles as the desktop on Windows 7. It does not terminate applications on its own, all the shortcuts like alt+tab still work and things you go used to on Windows 7 — like Aero Snap, Pinning to taskbar, etc. — still work the way you expect them to work.

There have been almost no interface changes on the desktop at the fundamental level. New features have been added though, such as the ribbon interface on the new explorer. The only thing that has changed is the Start Menu, which has been ported to the Metro UI. The traditional menu is no longer there but that does not mean you will be forced to work inside Metro at all times. The Start Screen just makes it easier to organize massive amounts of applications on the screen and offers easy access and easy memory association.

Once you click on an application, it can open either in Desktop or in Metro depending on what it is. Most of the high profile productivity applications like the Adobe Suite of applications will not be ported to Metro anytime soon. This is mainly because they are too complex and they have been designed for a mouse driven UI. Additionally, touchscreens need to go mainstream on desktops for that port to be profitable. So for now, your desktop is safe and mostly undisturbed.

Published: Saturday, April 28th, 2012 Last Modified: April 28, 2012

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