Compress and Unzip Files With 8 Zip On Windows 10

Compressing and uncompressing files are a nature to many users of Windows, and there are a number of tools to help users do that. 8 Zip has arrived with a new Universal Windows App, and is available for all Windows 10 devices.

8 Zip is one of the bigger available zipping programs on the marketplace today, and has been available on various Windows 10 devices. The updates to the 8 Zip app now give it a ton of abilities beyond a compression program.

Compress and Archive On Windows 10 With 8 Zip Lite

8 Zip Features

Now, 8 Zip comes with a huge number of features. It allows users to do high-speed archiving and unpacking, it incorporates Continuum technology, can decrypt using Windows Hello, and play media within the app.

Users can send files via e-mail, post on social netowkrs, open a number of archive formats, view them and play them. Users will enjoy opening images and music with it, view text documents, and create safe archives.

Utilize Top Archiving Features With 8 Zip Lite On Windows 10

Built For Windows 10

8 Zip is built for Windows 10 with its Continuum and Windows Hello features. It also it built for newer compression methods like Deflate64, BZip, LZMA, and PPmd. Users are also able to create archives with 256-bit AES encryption.

With Windows 10, users can open encrypted files with Windows Hello and Microsoft Passport as well. Drag and drop is second nature to 8 Zip, and also is support for SD Cards. It is a very powerful program.

If you archive or compress files, 8 Zip is worth checking out. It’s free, and worth trying out.

Published: Monday, March 28th, 2016 Last Modified: March 28, 2016

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