Speed Tests: Windows 8 Consumer Preview Faster Than Windows 7 Full Release

Windows 8 Comparison With 7 Speed Tests

If you are wondering how fast Windows 8 Consumer Preview is compared to Windows 7, check out the latest speed tests by PCWorld.

The Windows 8 Consumer Preview has been put up against its predecessor, and beats it almost completely on speed

When the Windows 8 Consumer Preview has been rated against its older predecessor – Windows 7 – as PCWorld see Windows 8 come out on top in the speed tests.

PCWorld say Windows 8 was “generally faster –sometimes a lot faster–” than Windows 7. The Consumer Preview booted up faster, ran through the WorldBench 7 benchmark faster and showed “superior performance when browsing the web.” The only time Window 7 bettered 8 was in the office productivity tests. Considering the Consumer Preview is effectively a beta, then performance will almost certainly improve.

Test methodology

On the WordBench 7 tests, Windows 8 fan “14 percent” faster than Windows 7. PCWorld notes that difference can be felt from “5 percent” or move, so 14 percent should be significant.

On startup time, Windows 8 started up “35 percent” faster than Windows 8. The average startup time on Windows 8 was 36.8 seconds; on Windows 7, it was 56.2 seconds.

PCWorld made both Windows 7 and Windows boot up and launch a text file to measure performance. The tests also note that the significant boost in performance is even more impressive considering Windows 8 effectively has to boot two operating systems.Without going to the desktop, Windows 8 was 23.91 seconds.

When measuring hardware acceleration, Windows 8 had a “frames-per-second score that was 50 percent better” than Windows 7. PCWorld used the WebVizBench benchmark.

In the “Content Creation” tests, performance gains for Windows 8 were less so. However, PCWorld notes that these figures could change with updated drivers.

In the Office Productivity tests Windows 8 was 8 percent slower, which involves editing text and scanning for viruses.

As the report concludes, the numbers reported could change either way as the full release hits consumers and Microsoft rolls out software updates and driver updates are released. This is also the first version of Windows, so Microsoft will more than likely refine and improve features throughout the operating system’s life.

At this stage, Windows 8 is racing ahead of Windows 7.

The Consumer Preview is available now for download, with release expected to be later this year.

Published: Tuesday, March 27th, 2012 Last Modified: March 27, 2012

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