Comparison: Windows 8 and iOS – Mobile OS’s in 2012

Windows 8 Consumer Preview Vs Ios Comparison

Windows 8 launches on tablets, so lets see how they compared to the competition.

With Windows 8 making a big push on tablets from this year, it make sense to see how it compared against other OSs

Windows 8 introduces a new interfaced into the long-running operating system: Metro, a title-based interface that is built for touch and traditional inputs. With the Consumer Preview now out for a long amount of time, we thought it was time to compared Microsoft’s upcoming operating system to the competition. Namely, the leader in the tablet market: iOS.

Interface: Metro is radically different to iOS. While iOS bases the operating system around screens of apps which you can scroll between, Metro represents an app through titles. Users and use Semantic Zoom to view all of their apps, which potentially can be a lot, and titles can be resized according to preference. Microsoft has succeeded where Android has failed on tablets: differentiating itself from Apple. Tablet makes who jumped on the iPad bandwagon didn’t think about offering different experiences, instead copying Apple and failing to live up to what they created.

Where Apple do have the advantage is in the ecosystem. Apple used the existing iPhone developers to great effect, allowing them to create unique experiences for tablets first. If Microsoft is to be successful, they need to use the large Windows install base effectively.

Quality vs quantity

Hardware: Microsoft won’t be developing tablets and computers, leaving that to third-party manufacturers, as they have done in the past and more recently with Windows Phone 7. If the latter is anything to go by, expect a range of devices for a range of consumers. Apple relies on two devices – a year-old iPad and its latest model – but prices tablets aggressively across a range of models. A similar pricing strategy by Microsoft is key for success.

Distribution: Microsoft needs to get the word out about Windows 8 as quickly as possible. Launching in October will come alongside a rising demand for Apple devices in the lead-up to Christmas, so adverts similar to the Internet Explorer 9 marketing would be a wise move. Apple’s ad succeed, and are effective, for highlighting features in 30 seconds. Microsoft has to show why Windows 8 is different, and better, than the iPad.

Published: Monday, April 9th, 2012 Last Modified: April 9, 2012

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