Comparison of Windows 8 and 8.1 features

Microsoft released Windows 8.1, an improved version of Windows 8 with several new features. We take a close look at the highlights of some of the most important & notable features in Windows 8.1

From the initial versions of Windows 8

Ever since Windows 8 Consumer Preview, Desktop Preview and the final version, there have been mixed reviews amongst tech experts regarding the appearance, functionality and features of this OS. When Windows 8 was released, it was appreciated by several tech experts, but thrashed by many others too. Several issues and problems in 8 didn’t result in positive reviews for this OS, due to which Microsoft came up with 8.1 edition with further improvements. If you have Windows 8 and want to upgrade to 8.1 here are some features in the latest edition:

Windows 8.1

New features in Windows 8.1

1. The missing Start Button is now back!

Windows 8 saw the absences of the Start Button, which was not met with positive reviews by users. In 8.1, the Start button is back, which is the benchmark for Windows since the mid 90’s.

2. New Features and Changes in the Lock Screen

The lock screen has been improved with several additions such as wallpaper slideshow, app notifications, and direct camera access.

3. Improved Multi-tasking with Snap

The Snap feature in Windows 8.1 allows users to run several programs at a time in different screen ratios so that nothing is missed out. This provides better multitasking as compared with Windows 8.

4. Improved PC Settings

PC settings for Windows 8.1 have been improved whereby you do not need to jump back and forth in control panel to make changes to your system. With improved PC Settings app, you get almost all of the functions you need to control from one place.

5. Improved looks of Windows Store

Windows Store has gotten better with new features and better accessibility options making it easier to search and install Windows apps.

6. New edition of photo-editor

Microsoft has gone one step ahead in adding up a built-in image editor so that you do not go through the hassle of using a 3rd party program before uploading the media to social sites.

7. Improved SkyDrive integration

SkyDrive is having improved integration. Your data gets synched in a seamless manner where automatically everything is backed up online in your integrated-SkyDrive account.

This list of features is just a glimpse of what you can get in 8.1 honestly speaking; I was a bit hesitant of upgrading to 8.1 because I thought that there would be no new. If you want to upgrade OS to 8.1, you can do it for free from the Windows Store. For others who do not have Windows 8, they have to purchase 8.1.

Published: Thursday, November 7th, 2013 Last Modified: November 7, 2013

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