Comparing touch screen vs keyboard and mouse in Windows 8

Compare Windows 8 Touch Vs Keyboard Vs MouseWindows 8 uses touch and a keyboard and mouse, so here’s a comparison

There’s been lots of focus on touching Windows 8, but here’s a comparison with a keyboard and mouse from The Verge

Lots of outlets have talked about the touch input in Windows 8, but what about using a traditional keyboard and mouse? Well, The Verge’s resident Microsoft Expert Tom Warren has compared the two.

Microsoft has included a range of new commands for using a keyboard and mouse in Windows 8. When you’re in the desktop mode of Windows 8 (the non-Metro side), Windows 8 lets users access the Start screen or recently used apps through what is called the ‘Start tip.’ Right clicking on this ‘tip’ brings up access to command prompts and the device manager (not aimed at the casual users).

Microsoft has also improved scrolling in Windows 8, where you can obviously use it in the desktop side of the OS but also scroll quickly left and right on the start page in the Metro side of Windows 8. Zooming in and out has also seen similar improvements: you hold down control and use the scroll button, which accesses Semantic Zoom, showing off all your installed apps.

To move an app using a mouse and keyboard, grab an app and then scroll left or right depending on where you want to place the app. Begin searching by typing a word.

A lot of the functionality from using touch in Windows 8 has been brought over: closing Metro apps is done by grabbing the app and pulling from the top of the screen and off the screen.

Windows 8 Shortcuts

Here’s a selection of shortcuts available for keyboard and mouse user:

• Windows key + C: displays Charms bar
• Windows key + V: cycle through notifications
• Windows key + tab: cycle through apps, and moving up and down to select an app
• Windows key + J: swap from a snapped app to full screen

Some users have questioned whether they would want to fun full-screen apps (such as Internet Explorer), though The Verge says “Microsoft have addressed some of those concerns with the ability to snap apps to the side.”

Windows 8 for consumers is set to hit store shelves later this year.

Published: Tuesday, March 6th, 2012 Last Modified: March 6, 2012

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