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Windows 8 Tablet Vs Ipad Ios_thumb.jpg 1Windows 8’s Consumer Preview is out, but how does it compare to the Apple’s iPad?

The Verge compare Microsoft’s newest and tablet-friendly operating system to the iPad

The Windows 8 Consumer Preview launched yesterday, and everyone is rushing to download Microsoft’s OS as we get a look at the operating system before it launches probably during the latter half. With that in mind, technology website The Verge have produced a feature on how Windows 8 and the market leader – the iPad – compare.

The first comparison is gestures. The iPad is pretty simple: you tap the home button to get out of apps and to return to the home screen, you slide to unlock, double tapping the home button allows access to the multitasking bar along with volume and music controls, a four-finger pinch gets back to the home screen and four-finger swipes across go back and forth between apps.

Windows 8 is very different. First, you can pinch to get an overview of your apps and then tap anywhere to zoom back in. Swiping up reveals your app menu, which is contextual depending on the app. Swiping down from the top closes the app. The charm menu comes from the right-hand side by swiping to offer functions such as search. Users can also swipe in apps they’ve been using from the left and place them in the sidebar to share real estate on screen.

To add an email account in Windows 8 you type in your information for email and your messages are brought in. You can also select multiple messages by swiping on them, and can get then delete them or otherwise. The iPad is similar: enter your details to bring in information.

Both of the browsers are good on each OS, according to The Verge. Windows 8 is fast when loading and zooming in. The browser, like all of Metro, is stripped down and focuses on what you are viewing.

Searching for something on Windows 8 is good, The Verge go on to say. As mentioned, opening up the Charm bar presents users with a search bar, where you can select from apps available on the device. On the iPad you swipe to the left, type and select the app.

Published: Friday, March 2nd, 2012 Last Modified: March 2, 2012

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