Color With Disney On New Windows 10 App

Disney is one of the biggest names on the planet, and children of all ages enjoy the characters of Disney. The newest Windows 10 app from Disney lets users color with their favorite characters, and is available for all ages.

The Art of Coloring by Disney is a new app released on Windows 10, and brings the fun of coloring to Windows 10 tablets. You can use it to color out your hearts whim, and enjoy the power of Disney at the same time.

Color With The Lion King On Windows 10 App

Disney Inspired

The Art of Coloring by Disney, brings together the famous Disney princesses, characters from The Jungle Book, The Lion King, Frozen, and others to the virtual coloring pages. You can enjoy coloring flowers, animals, cats, and much more.

With the coloring app, you get dozens of artistic Disney palettes as well, and lotf of shades and gradients. You also get inspired palettes from Tangled, Cinderella, and Pinochio. You can start it up and let your coloring skills go.

Escape & Create With Art of Coloring by Disney On Windows 10

All Levels Of Fun & Share Pictures

The Art of Coloring by Disney lets users of all ages enjoy the coloring within the app, and it brings together beginners and experts. It’s available for children of all ages to release stress, color, and sink into Disney.

Additionally, users can share their creations with others via social media channels, and the app supports it right of the bat. You can use the Microsoft Surface Pen to start coloring with the Surface products, and have fun.

If you like coloring try this app. It’s not just for kids, and brings Disney coloring to your favorite Surface.

Published: Thursday, July 28th, 2016 Last Modified: July 28, 2016

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