Color Again As An Adult With Zen For Windows 10

When we think back in our childhood, one of the fondest memories is coloring to many. It was a simple pleasure and one that most of us did fairly well. Now, adults can regain that coloring pleasure with a Windows 10 app named Zen.

The idea of coloring for adults might sound trivial and child-like, but it can relieve stress and help on unwind. This new Zen app has gotten great reviews on the Windows 10 Store, and is a lot of fun for adults of all ages.

Zen Brings Coloring To Windows 10 Machines

Zen Features

Zen is a very simple app for Windows 10 users, and is the best coloring book for adults. Users can just select a coloring page, and start coloring. Users can relax, not think about stress, and enjoy themselves.

The app features a pretty good selections of patterns to enjoy, and lets users choose from 25 different coloring pages. It works great with a tablet, and the user can choose the pen to color with and bring back childhood days of yesteryear.

Zen Gives Coloring Fun To Adults With Windows 10 Fun

Addicting and Fun

When looking at the Windows Store, some of the most glaring comments are that Zen simply becomes addicting. Yes, pre-teens, teens, and college students can enjoy it as well, but adults will get the most fun from Zen.

The app with its 25 coloring pages gives adults a gateway to release their stress and simply color. Coloring has been proven to help children relax and grow, and it can work with adults as well. It’s free, and has in-app options for adults to purchase too.

If you want a fun app, download Zen for Windows 10. It’s coloring and fun built into a simple app for all to enjoy.

Published: Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016 Last Modified: March 22, 2016

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