Clutter Clears Up Emails Better With Updates

The Clutter product from Microsoft was launched last Fall from Microsoft, and its goal was to clear up emails in users mailboxes. Tons of emails are received daily by consumers, and Clutter is geared to make them easier to manage. Now on Monday, administrative controls have been added to the product.

Administrative tools will make Clutter a far better product, and one that enterprise and business consumers can use more. It moves over one million emails per day, and saves 82 minutes per month on average according to Microsoft. Now, the updates will help administrators rule the email box.

Microsoft's Clutter Product Makes Email Simpler To Manage and Control

Administrator Controls

Now, administrator tools have been added to Clutter, which will go live in June. Two new PowerShell commands will be added to turn off Clutter for users. Admins in organizations can control who uses Clutter, how its used in the organization, and helps those manage it who turned it on themselves.

Various PowerShell commands have been introduced, and they include get mailbox, and other commands. Admins can also configure a reply-to-address for Clutter notifications, and those can go to IT admins in larger organizations. They can also be forwarded to a Clutter folder if the admin decides there.

Microsoft Updates Clutter With New Notifications

Better User Experiences

Users will able to interact with Clutter better with updates made as well. Existing inbox notifications will be replaced with alerts, and summary notifications will be sent while users are at work. A max of one alert per day will be sent, and those are when Clutter is at work, helping to make email easier to manage.

The example photo shows the new alert notification that Clutter will use, and the milestones of these additions should make emails easier to read, reply to, and view. Clutter is more of a enterprise and business tool, but can be used by anyone with large email boxes. It can be downloaded today to try and install.

Clutter is a new but innovative tool. It makes emails easier to manage and use, and updates help too.

Published: Tuesday, May 19th, 2015 Last Modified: May 19, 2015

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