Cloud Storage: Microsoft Announces Major Price Decreases To Azure Services

During its TechEd announcements in New Orleans, Microsoft dropped a major bombshell relating to its Azure cloud services division, and aims to get more customers during its cloud services.

With the TechEd announcement, Microsoft is no longer charging for stopped virtual machines, which in the past it had been charging customers for. Now, when these machines are stopped, their billing cycles are stopped as well, as long as they delete those virtual machines. This will greatly help developers and code workers in the Enterprise.

Microsoft Announces Major Azure Price Decreases

Lower Billing for Customers Using Azure

Now, customers using Azure will be billed by the minute, as opposed by the hour, like Amazon AWS customers currently are billed for. This cost effective move will now be per time used as opposed to rounding up as previously done for customers. So for instance, a two and a half hour session would be billed as three hours, but now will be billed as two and a half hours.

No cost server licenses for MDSN Members

Now, MSDN members, or Microsoft Developer Network members can get Azure server licenses for no charge. This includes the Sharepoint, Visual Studio, Microsoft SQL Server, and Microsoft BizTalk Server products. These server licenses can be launched on any virtual machine in Windows Azure, and can be deployed at a moments notice within Azure.

Lower Costs For MDSN Members With Servers on Azure

MSDN members can also with the announcement at TechEd by Microsoft get special rates and discounts that can save over 97% over current rates. This will encourage MSDN members to use the Windows Azure and Microsoft Enterprise level products on Azure in record numbers.

The lower costs for MDSN members can apply to any number of VM’s that members wish to apply, and they also get monthly credits that can be used on any Azure resource within the level of Azure services. They are offered in $50 per month for professionals, $100 per month for Premium members, and $150 per month for Ultimate members. Current MDSN members are able to activate their new rates immediately via and will attract more developers with these lower rates.

If that wasn’t enough for developers, Microsoft is also giving away an Aston Martin for MDSN subscribers to register for the new lower rates and launch a website before 10/1/13. This might be a simple way to get a lot of developers to use and launch the services, but the chance to win an Aston Martin is a great prize.

Published: Thursday, June 6th, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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