Cloud Partnership By Microsoft and Oracle Coming on Monday?

A major announcement by Microsoft and Oracle is coming on Monday. The announcement by three of the most powerful names in the cloud services infrastructure will be one of the biggest cloud announcements to date.

According to news sites, on Monday, Oracle and Microsoft are holding a press conference to announce a series of partnership announcements between their companies. Steve Ballmer, Oracle’s President Mark Hurd, and Azure’s Chief Satya Nadella are scheduled to appear at the press conference.


Oracle and Azure Together

The announcement on Monday is scheduled to be around Oracle’s announcement of their 12c database technology and its collaboration with the Azure cloud. Microsoft in its Azure cloud services would be hosting the 12c databases for large business and Enterprise customers and help compete against other companies like Amazon and Pivotal.

Why Join With Oracle: Microsoft Needs It

Many thoughts are surrounding by Steve Ballmer would lead Azure in an alignment with Oracle on this type of cloud announcement. Microsoft and Oracle are the biggest names in the industry, and this type of announcement could give the collaborative power of these two brand immediate jumps in Enterprise Customers who would signup to host their 12c databases in the cloud.

Microsoft and Oracle Against Pivotal and GE?

A post on Techcrunch late Friday points to an interesting aspect that Microsoft might be playing out with this announcement. The large company Pivotal recently signed up GE as their huge client, and Microsoft and Oracle might need to join in to fight these types of efforts to stop from happening in the future.

In addition to the Pivotal and GE play, Microsoft needs to go against Amazon Web Services in a big way, and teaming up with Oracle is the best way to do that. Oracle is planning a partnership with next week, and the ability to host Salesforce and Oracle in an Azure cloud service center might give Azure the major clout it needs.

With the Microsoft Build developer conference starting in the middle of next week, Microsoft is going to make next week a huge week for its Azure services and possibly its Enterprise future in the cloud as well.

Published: Saturday, June 22nd, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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