Cloud OS Network Launches To Support Azure Services

On Thursday, Microsoft teamed up with over 25 different leading cloud services to deliver new and exciting products built on the Microsoft Cloud Platform. The combination of Hyper-V, System Center, and Windows Azure Pack will give enterprise customers new ways to harness the cloud.

The collaboration effort to bring all these companies together to embrace the Microsoft Cloud Platform is great for the future of cloud computing. By lowering costs, improving productivity, and giving over 200 cloud services to customers will only increase Microsoft’s bottom line.

Microsoft And Others Launch Cloud OS Network For Cloud Providers

Cloud Stats

In an infographic released by Microsoft on Thursday, the Cloud OS Network as its called, will operate in over 90 markets around the world. They will be run in more than 425 datacenters around the globe, and serve an estimated 3 million customers. Additionally, over 2.4 million servers will be powered using this cloud technology.

The list of big name companies in this effort are among the who’s who in the enterprise and technology world. Capgemini, CSC, Dimension Data, Fujitsu, Lenovo, Sogeti, T-Mobile Systems, and Wortmann AG are among just a few on the list. The global reach of the cloud computing effort will help customers no matter where they are located.

Datacenters Around The Globe Power Cloud OS Network

How This Benefits Microsoft

This Cloud OS Network only will benefit Microsoft, as these companies use Microsoft products to power their cloud efforts. Microsoft is building enterprise-grade platforms for these companies, and has over 200 cloud services that will give billions new and cheaper ways to compute. With over 16,5000 infrastructure hosting partners and over 10,000 application hosters, the community of service providers is amazingly marvelous.

Enterprise customers will be able to give customers from small to large, the benefit of cloud computing and the power of Microsoft at the same time. The public and private clouds are meant to help people of all sizes, and the hybrid cloud computing will not limit technology limitations. Some data can be stored locally, while a majority can be hosted in datacenters around the globe.

I love Cloud Computing, and Microsoft is perfect to team up with others in this industry. It will only make cloud computing grow, and help users in the end.

Published: Friday, December 13th, 2013 Last Modified: December 13, 2013

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