Classic Windows 95 Wallpaper Theme for Windows 7

Windows 95 was one of the first big steps for the entire computer industry. If you want some classic Windows 95 wallpapers for your 2011 Windows 7 desktop, grab the themepack file after the break.

Windows 95 Windows 7 Theme

Although Windows 3.1 already had a user interface, Windows 95 was the first major OS that was actually easy to use for consumers. It was one of the main reasons why many of Microsoft’s competitors went out of business (they simply had no easy-to-use-GUI).

Windows 95 was codenamed “Panther”. The actual planned release date for Windows 95 was June 1993, but as the name suggest it was released two years later. Support for Windows 95 stopped in 2001.

Windows 95 Wallpaper

Some classic Windows 95 wallpapers:

Download Windows 95 Windows 7 Theme

Classic Windows 7 Theme

If you want a classic shell theme for Windows 7, open up the Personalization Control Panel and select “Classic theme” titled “Windows Classic” (it’s listed under Basic and High-Contrast themes).

Windows 7 Classic Themes

We’ll post a Windows 98 theme for Windows 7 shortly, stay tuned.

Published: Tuesday, April 19th, 2011 Last Modified: April 19, 2011

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