Citrix Receiver App Gets Major Windows 10 Updates

Citrix has had its Citrix Receiver app on the Windows Store for a lot of time, but it hasn’t received much love from the company. Its newest update was worth the update, and especially for those who use the Citrix Receiver app often.

While the Citrix Receiver app is an enterprise and business app, they are using the Microsoft Desktop Bridge to bring the full feature rich app to the Windows Store. It gets a little complicated, but it brings the full experience to the store app.

Access Enterprise Prorams Via The Cirtix Receiver App On Windows 10

App Updates From Citrix

The Citrix Receiver app got a lot of new updates with the November release. It is a feature-rich Citrix Reciver package available in the store, and meant for Windows 10 S, PC, x86 tablets, and even iOT Enterprise devices.

Citrix states that this release addresses a number of internal and customer addressed issues, and has a feature rich log full of the issues. It also has app enumeration performance improvements. It also handles multistore errors, and handles the blackscreen issue on the landing page of any session.

New Updates Bring Vast Improvements To Citrix Receiver App For Enterprise & Business Consumers

A Big Enterprise Rich App Improvement

Many normal or mainstream users probably won’t notice the improvements of this app, but for enterprise or business IT professionals will. It comes as good news for business users who get to virtual desktops and enterprises apps on the go.

The Citrix Receiver app needed these types of improvements, and the improvements help out on Windows 10 S devices the most. These newer machines can only access Windows Store apps, and now they can use the enterprise rich features of the newly released app.

The Citirix Receiver app with its imporvements is now out at the Windows Store. If you work in IT or know a professional who does, check it out and let them know.

Published: Thursday, November 30th, 2017 Last Modified: November 30, 2017

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