Cheaper 32GB Pro Version Of Microsoft Surface Tablet: According To Amazon Germany

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Microsoft unveiled its Surface tablets last month, with two versions – for Windows 8 ARM and Windows 8 Pro – but Amazon Germany is listening another version of the Microsoft tablet, a cheaper Pro version.

Amazon Germany has listed a fifth, unconfirmed version of the Microsoft Suface tablets

Microsoft’s Surface tablets are certainly competitive with current ultrabooks and tablets, both in terms of hardware and software. We know that there will be four version – both the ARM and Pro versions coming with 64GB and 128GB storage options – but a fifth version has been listed by Amazon Germany, featuring a Core i5 Processor.

The listing says that the model is called Microsoft Surface Pro, features the Core i5 processor, and has 32GB of flash memory. Specs aside, there’s no product description or image.

This is perhaps naive, but it doesn’t make sense for Amazon to fabricate a version of Surface. I expect this to be real, therefore, but the bigger question is will Microsoft be offering Surface through retailers such as Amazon? When announcing the tablets back in June, the devices would be available through Microsoft Stores and some retailers. It was a confusing move considering Microsoft has put a lot of time into developing Surface, but perhaps the company didn’t want to create too much competition with third-party manufacturers.

Value For Money?

HP announced earlier this month that it wouldn’t be developing for Windows ARM, citing customers needs as the reason. That’s a blow for Microsoft considering Windows 8 ARM is being designed for tablets, and is more feature limited, but with companies such as Dell still on board the future of Metro looks to have most company’s backing.

There’s no word on pricing for Surface; rumors suggested the devices could be around $600 and $1000 dollars for the ARM and Pro versions respectively. That seems like a high price for the tablet, but considering the iPad retails for $499 at 1GB and $599 for 32GB and Surface for ARM doesn’t seem that expensive. For 64GB, the Wi-Fi + Cellular model retails for $899. If the $999 price is true, then Surface for Pro could be seen as expensive considering cellular connections aren’t supported.

The tablets will release around the general available of Windows 8, announced by Microsoft to be late October.

Published: Wednesday, July 18th, 2012 Last Modified: July 18, 2012

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