Cheap Cloud Storage: MSFT Study Says Businesses Can Save Money In The Cloud

In a study released on Tuesday, Microsoft details how small businesses and larger businesses can save money on cloud storage and general cloud usage.

In the study, Microsoft released very interesting details and information concerning how business can save and increase their security when using cloud platforms. The business usage cases include increased security, better privacy options, and reliability when using the cloud.

Microsoft Study On Cloud Security Released

Stats Surrounding Business Cloud Usage

In the study released by Microsoft, businesses in their study stated 64% of them had concerns about their data. Approximately 45% of the businesses had worries about control of their data in the cloud. Lastly 42% of the businesses questioned had issues regarding the reliability and durability of the cloud over the long run for their companies.

Why Businesses Use The Cloud

An interesting contradiction in the study released by Microsoft also detailed why companies use the cloud with interesting data points. 94% of the businesses increased and gained security benefits. Around 72% of them had privacy protection increased and 75% of them have had improvements and availability of their services while using the cloud. Lastly 70% of the businesses questioned stated they could invest money spent elsewhere to improve their products and continue with innovation in their businesses.

In the study, Microsoft detailed several business cases for their usage of business services and products in the cloud. Several companies were cited in their usage for how CRM and SQL products were able to be run anytime and anywhere via cloud services.

The study, commissioned by Microsoft and Comscore asked companies in the US and UK about their cloud and enterprise level cloud uses. Those companies were classified with companies with between 25 and 499 PC’s in their systems.

Overall, the study by Microsoft details more and more reasons why companies should use cloud services, including the Azure services offered by Microsoft. The benefits of increased security, better privacy controls, and reliability of the cloud clearly are benefits that business and enterprise level customers are looking for and have found with cloud services, including those offered by Microsoft.

Published: Wednesday, June 12th, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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