CES2012 Microsoft Keynote Wrap-up: Windows 8 And Windows Phone

Steve Ballmer’s keynote presentation at this year’s CES focused on Windows 8 and Windows Phone and what’s coming up in 2012.

Steve Ballmer Presents The Last Microsoft Keynote At CES

Steve Ballmer Says That Windows Is Top Priority At Microsoft

Steve Ballmer gave an energetic presentation at the final Microsoft CES keynote this week and talked about just how important Windows is to Microsoft. The presentation covered all the main Microosoft products including Xbox with Kinect but focused mainly on Windows Phone and Windows 8.

The keynote launched the Nokia Lumia 900 4G LTE Windows phone. It also showed off the main features of a Windows Phone like how communications from each contact come together in a single place and how the Live Tiles on the revolutionary Metro UI work.
Other than the Nokia phones, the presentation also have phones from HTC and Samsung, although only HTC received some highlight whilst most of the on-stage Windows Phone time went to talking about the feature and then to Nokia Windows Phone devices.
The app experience on Windows Phone was also stressed on where the focus was on how apps from different developers can work with each other through a common communication channel to share information, files and more. This feature will also be available on Windows 8 and it will work the same way.

Coming to Windows 8, Microsoft had a good number of Ultrabooks on the stage from various companies that included all the common names like HP, Toshiba, Sony, Lenovo, Samsung, etc. Emphasis was also placed on tablets and an upgraded version of the Samsung Windows Developer Preview tablet was also shown off during the presentation.

The Windows 8 Ultrabooks are the main focus of Windows 8 this year along with tablets of course. Intel is partnering with Microsoft over the Windows 8 on Ultrabook initiative has helped the device segment receive a great amount of attention from manufacturers. Almost all big computer making companies have released Ultrabooks already and are planning to release newer, better models once Windows 8 is released. Most of the futuristic Ultrabooks shown off during the presentation are on display at the CES exhibition venue.

Tami Reller Presents Windows 8 Store

During their keynote at CES 2012, CMO (Chief Marketing Officcer) Tami Reller presented the Windows 8 store:

Published: Thursday, January 12th, 2012 Last Modified: April 2, 2012

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