CES2012: Intel Press Conference Unveils Nikiski Windows 8 Ultrabook

At the CES 2012, Intel presented some of their flagship Ultrabooks and their Nikiski concept (video after break)

Intel talks about touch on windows 8 ultrabooks at CES 2012

Intel Big On Windows 8 Ultrabooks With Touch

According to the presentation made by Intel at CES 2012, the company is betting big on a large presence of touch hybrid models of Windows 8 Ultrabooks on the market that will combat the current market focus on tablets.

These ultrabooks will act like a normal lightweight and ultraportable notebook running Windows 8 but they will have some form of transformation mechanism that will change them in to tablets when necessary. Intel showed of models that had things like a sliding screen and GPS with a gyroscope that will enable better and immersive gaming on the devices.

Nikiski Concept

Intel also demoed a concept called Nikiski — it is a transparent touchpad that also acts as a miniscreen. It will display your emails and tweets whislt you are working on the main screen. However, this sort of secondary screens are not really all that functional to justify what they would be adding to the overall price of the device. So it is for the better that this stays as a concept till it becomes more functional.

Intel is very bullish on touch for Windows 8 in 2012. Intel talked about how transistors evolved tremendously over the past 30 years and how user interface just has not gone through that many changes. Even when the market moved to touch, it skipped the notebook and went straight to the tablet. Whilst it might seem obvious to most users why touch is better used on a tablet, Intel is bullish to having both on an Ultrabook notebook.

Intel’s big plan is to give consumers the best of both worlds — convertible ultrabook-tablet that has a hardware keyboard that everyone wants on a tablet and the freedom of a tablet. The only problem is that it is not really as portable as a tablet. But then if such a compromise does work for the market, them everyone would get what they want.

Published: Thursday, January 12th, 2012 Last Modified: January 12, 2012

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