CES 2012: Control Your Windows 8 PC By Simply Looking At It

Swedish firm Tobii has been demonstrating a technology at CES 2012 that would allow you to control your computer just by looking at what you want.

Gaze controle technology for Windows 8 from Swedish company Tobii

Tobii From Sweden Shows Of Gaze Control At CES 2012

There’s a Swedish company called Tobii at CES this year who are showing off a new technology that can help your computer understand your eye movements. By doing this, they are essentially allowing the computer to read your gaze and interpret it in to actions.

In use, this technology makes for eye tracking to understand which part of the screen you are looking at and then translates that in to action. The technology is still at a developmental stage and it could be a couple of years before the technology made is way to the mainstream.

The eye tracking is done through a sensor that is embedded within the monitor display and it directly interprets the user’s eye movements. So to click a link you will not have to use your mouse to move the cursor. Instead you can simply stare at it and the computer will take the hint. The cursor will then appear by itself to where you are staring.

This new technology is seeing a lot of uses already, especially amongst research firms who are trying to understand consumer behavior and also amongst people with disabilities. This means that the technology is itself quite ready. So why is it not available to the masses yet?

Tobii spokeswoman answers the question for us and says that it is way too expensive at the moment to think of a commercial deployment. An eyeball tracking sensor embedded laptop would be very expensive. About $6,000 expensive for the system.

The sensor is also quite bulky at the moment, so it is not fit for laptop application anyway. Tobii is apparently working hard on making a strong case for this sensor.

Published: Wednesday, January 11th, 2012 Last Modified: January 11, 2012

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