CES 2012: Control Windows 8 Using Your Eyes With Gaze

While the keynote was rather a wrapup of old new, here’s something new: You can control Windows 8 with you eyes.

control windows 8 with your eyes

With a technology called “Gaze” by (Tobii Technology) you no longer need to click or touch apps you can simply look at them!

The Gaze device would be rather compact and can be added below your screen to scan your eyes. The precision is pretty amazing and even icons can be selected with your eyes. For smaller icons you can still use the keyboard, trackpad or touch interface.

Gaze is intended for laptops and desktop PC’s, not for tablets. You will not be able to buy the Gaze device directly, instead you can buy bundled laptops that include the Gaze device.

Still don’t believe it will work well? Here’s a tech demo at the CES 2012:

Published: Tuesday, January 10th, 2012 Last Modified: January 10, 2012

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