Catch Up On TV With TVPlayer In The UK On Windows 10

We all watch TV all around the world, and are using our Windows 10 devices to do as well. Certainly most will agree, that the UK has a remarkable set of TV programs, and their viewers love it. Now, a TVPlayer app lets them watch live & catchup TV.

The free Windows 10 app is available on the Windows Store to UK users, and it lets them enjoy over 60+ live TV channels, and get access to more via a premium subscirption. It’s a rather new app, but its proving promising.

UK TV Viewers Can Enjoy Live & Recorded TV With Windows 10 App

App Features

The app gives users access to all the free programs and also offers users a 1 month free trial, then its £5.99 per month. It gives users a ton of channels to enjoy, and has over 100 hours of premium catch per week with no contract.

It has a now and next to see what’s on, 60+ live channels and access to over 30 premium channels, and lets users browse channels within the player whilst watching another channel. It has optimised adaptive streaming, and lets users enjoy a max of 5 devices with the app.

Catchup Programs Available To UK Viewers With TVPlayer App

Features UK Most Popular Channels

What makes this app a top choice for UK viewers is the choice of channels available. For entertainment channels, it includes:BBC One, BBC Two, ITV 1, FIVE, ITV2, ITV3, ITV4, ITV Be, 5 Star, Spike, BBC Four, 4Music, Food Network, Travel Channel and more

Music channels include BBC One, BBC Two, ITV 1, FIVE, ITV2, ITV3, IV4 and others. Kids channels include CBBC, CITV, and CBeebies. News channels include: BBC News, Russia Today, Al Jazeera, BBC parliament, Channels 24, France 24, News 18, Bloomberg and Euro News.

If you’re in the UK and love TV, try the app out. It’s gotten lots of positive reviews, and is free to try & enjoy.

Published: Sunday, February 5th, 2017 Last Modified: February 5, 2017

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