Capture ScreenShots Like A Pro With ScreenShot Tool Pro On Windows 10

Taking screenshots is something that has turned from a difficult task to something pretty easy. Most people do it for business or training tools, but more uses exist for it. For those serious about it, ScreenShot Tool Pro is here.

ScreenShot Tool Pro is a professional tool available for Windows 10, and its available for $2.99, or $6.99 when not on sale. It makes taking screenshots simple, and gives you an amazing set of tools to work with them.

Take Screenshots Perfectly With ScreenShot Tool Pro

App Features

With ScreenShot Tool Pro, you get an app that lets you take high quality screenshots, and lets you annotate them to show off important details. This is important if you share these screenshots with others.

You can also share these images within the app to colleagues, friends, and whomever else. It’s a simple app that works across Windows 10 devices, and takes the simple task of screenshots to an amazing new level.

Edit & Annotate Windows 10 Screenshots With App

Wow It Rocks

When you look at the full features of the app, you see it works with Cortana, Ink tool and Windows Hello. You can draw and indicate things on your screenshots, pencil to draw, and draw lines and shapes with ease.

You can also take a picture with your devices camera and edit it within the app. It also gives you editing tools with your existing set of photos, lets you redo/undo, and lastly gives you an adaptive style on the edit page to the theme of the user.

If you take a number of screenshots, this is a must have app. It’s affordable and an app that works great.


Published: Sunday, July 24th, 2016 Last Modified: July 24, 2016

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