Capture Pro Quality Videos & Photos With ProShot On Windows 10

While many thing that camera phones are the only way to capture videos and photos, many still use their computer cameras to take pictures, either via their webcam or more. On Windows 10, there are many apps that help capture great media, and ProShot is one of them.

ProShot is a Windows 10 app, that is available for both Windows 10 Mobile devices and Windows 10 Desktops. We are going to focus on the Windows 10 Desktop version, which allows you to take amazing photos and videos.

Capture Pro Quality Images With ProShot On Windows 10

ProShot Camera Features

ProShot lets you take great photos with your Windows 10 webcam or camera attached to it. You can use its auto, program, or manual modes to customize it just like a DSLR. You can also shoot your photos in JPEG or RAW, and that is quite remarkable.

Users can shoot in full resolution, capture photos in HDR and auto-HDR modes, use ISO priority modes, get a live histogram and more. The front facing camera support gives you manual controls of your photos, and you can adjust controls with simple ease.

Gain Control Of Photos & Videos With ProShot

ProShot Video Features

While ProShot gives you great photo skills, it also does great with videos. You can capture 4K videos with up to 3840X2160 resolution, and get up to 60fps. You are given manual, semi-manual, and automatic controls during video shoots.

More advanced controls give you the ability to record video in any mode, gives users adjustable resolutions and frame rates, lets you zoom and change any camera parameters, and use real-time audio input levels. It is a fully loaded video app.

ProShot is only $3.99 and available on the Windows Store. If you want a great camera app for Windows 10, take a look at ProShot today.

Published: Wednesday, October 26th, 2016 Last Modified: October 26, 2016

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