Capcom’s New Game “Remember Me”? We’re Taking A First Look

Remember Me Game Screenshot

Capcom releases a seven-minute gameplay demo for Remember Me, a new IP from the company. It’s a little bit like Uncharted and Ghost Trick, and an interest has been piqued.

New IPs late into the generation? Who cares!

A new intellectual property from Capcom perhaps isn’t their strongest suit, but Remember Me is just that from the Resident Evil developer. A futuristic stealth action game, Remember Me doesn’t look like another Uncharted clone.

Remember Me Game Screenshot

The demo focuses around the idea of remixing a subject’s memory, assigned to the player to make up the missions. You enter the player’s mind, and the memory plays out normally. In this case, Frank Forlan’s memory is his wife leaving him while he’s drunk. Forlan’s wife, Alex, walks out after an empty bottle smashes a window.

The player then has a choice: in this scenario the bottle used to smash the window can be knocked over, or the safety lock can be removed from a pistol. The player chooses to knock the bottle over — wrongly –, calling it to fall off the tablet. Frank trips over the bottle and falls to the ground. This isn’t what happened in the original memory, as Forlan now picks up the gun and attempts to fire. But the safety lock is on.

Indirect Interference

The memory now rewinds. We don’t know the amount of failures players can have; however, the knocked-over bottle is on the floor. This time the safety lock is removed from the gun, Forlan falls (again), gets ridiculed by his wife, and this time shoots his wife. Objective complete.

Then we zoom out and back into the real world, where you’re watching Forlan through a glass window just outside of his office. He appears to be under arrest for shooting Alex, apologizing to a picture of his wife. Off-screen there’s a muted gun sound. Forlan’s suicide.

Then Alex walks in. Alive, with Frank Forlan dead on his chair. She screams. So the memory convinced Forlan he did kill his wife, without having real-world consequences.

It’s a very interesting mechanic. You’re not changing history. There’s potential to convince important people to reveal information to others in their minds, and then spill it out in public.

Remember Me releases May 2013 for Xbox 360, PC, and PlayStation 3. It’s developed by Capcom and Dotnod entertainment.

Published: Thursday, August 16th, 2012 Last Modified: August 16, 2012

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