Candy Crush Gets Patented & Apple Support

The mega-popular game/app Candy Crush might charm with its cute style but is developers are certainly not taking anyone lightly when it comes to ripping of their brand.

Candy Crush Gets Trademarked

Candy Crush (and it’s mobile version Candy Crush Saga) is a match-three puzzle game available for several smartphones and PCs both on app stores and on Facebook. The game was released on April 2012 and since then suffered an incredible growth, surpassing the 46 million average monthly users on Facebook by March 2013.

Last week it was made public by the US Patent and Trademark Office that the word “candy” had been successfully trademarked by King (the studio behind Candy Crush). King filed the trademark application in February 2013, and after a year of waiting the developers of the casual game were now granted exclusive rights to use the word in everything from clothes to hardware,games, and even gambling.


After this event, King’s legal department started to contact game developers whose products contain the name “candy” and at the same time asking them to prove that their games do not infringe the trademark – and if they did,their products would be taken off the marketplace.

Candy Crush Developers Cause Controversy With Stance

Early this week, it was also made public that King also trademarked the word “saga” and were looking forward to making use of their legal power against the recently released game “The Banner Saga” (a tactical turn-based strategy game not related to the Candy Crush mechanics in any way) which was in the process of being trademarked.

King stated that the only reason why they decided to approach the developers of The Banner Saga is because it is in their interest to protect their intellectual property claiming that not doing so would incentivize “copycats”.


With the aim of protesting against King’s recent legal actions, several indie game developers started the so called “Candy Jam” where participants are able to submit games that are related or make use of the words “Candy”, “Saga” and “Apple” among others. We hope to know more as matters develop and while we wait for King to try and save what it is left of their public image.

Apple Back Candy Crush Patent

Apple have notably backed the patent and with good reason. Candy Crush is a big seller.A very big seller. And big sellers make Apple a lot of money so it is in their best interest to protect the big players.

One thing to note is that Candy Crush is technically a copycat itself of the game “Bejewelled” which might be one of the reasons the developers have not taken so kindly to the hard line stance.


One can only wonder that if terms like “Candy” and “Saga” start getting trademarked so heavily- what else will be left to even name new releases?

Published: Thursday, January 23rd, 2014 Last Modified: January 23, 2014

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