Canabalt Dev Releases Update After Year-Long Hiatus

Multiplayer co-op has almost been confirmed.

Canabalt is an all-time great iOS game, and it’s getting even better

Actually, if you think about how long Canabalt has been available, it’s been one of the hallmark games of the App Store. It’s since become a universal app to work on the iPad, moving away from its flash game roots, and is now getting two updates: multiplayer, and achievements.

Small Secret Software announced the updates on its blog, sort of. While they detailed the features, they didn’t outright say they would be arriving. What the developers did confirm though is that they didn’t want to produce a new game, instead offering a free update to the game. To be honest I would buy another Canabalt, and I’m sure Small Secret is still considering it.

Multiplayer is offline, two player co-op, which is a little underwhelming. A matchmaking service would be great for a competitive games like Canabalt. The two-man team also said there will be a hardcore mode, which sounds more like dedicated missions than the endless running mode the game is known for. I guess that could work if it’s a slight variation on the formula, adding new elements the core game doesn’t offer.

Sequel considered, scrapped in favor of new projects

A sequel was considered before the update, which would have been more cinematic including slow-motion effects. I don’t think that would work in 2D; when you think about slow motion in a game like Max Payne, you feel like a badass because bullets are around you and you’re dodging them despite being an alcoholic (in Max Payne 3).

Next for the developers is Hundreds for iPad. It “doesn’t really look or play like anything else on the App Store.” The developers added the game has around 100 levels – or “rounds” – which range in difficulty.

The developer is working on a new title, Hundreds, which seems a total departure from Canabalt and other genres in typical indie game style. It releases around August 2012, though no specific date was provided.

Co-op isn’t new really. It was introduced on an arcade machine – the Winnitron 1000 – in Winnipeg, Canada, though I’m sure the huge iOS audience will help to boost sales. Going super fast and jumping across rooftop is definitely my kind of competitive.

Published: Tuesday, May 29th, 2012 Last Modified: May 29, 2012

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