Can Windows 8 Convince Developers This Week?

The preview version of Windows 8 shown today will give developers a glimpse of the future, but can that glimpse convince them?

Windows 8 Event Live

At the BUILD conference in Anaheim, California, Microsoft will try to convince developers of their upcoming mobile cross-platform OS Windows 8 . With the first real presentation of Windows 8 and Windows 8 based tablets from Samsung , this event will play a major role for the upcoming support of 3rd-party developers. Here’s a quick roundup of what to expect.

Microsoft’s BUILD Conference Highly Anticipated: Developer Interest In Windows 8 On The Rise

Microsoft and Samsung together are giving away free tablets during the BUILD conference to help developers start working on the platform. This would ensure that the app development on the new platform starts well in advance before next year’s commercial release.

The version being given away will be a preview version of Windows 8 and will no doubt reveal lot of new features that we so far have no idea about. The free tablet being given away points towards the fact that Microsoft is putting emphasis on app development for a touch screen driven environment AKA touch first applications.

The association with Samsung and the free tablets are still not official though. This piece of information was confirmed by industry consultants to the New York Times. Understandably, they wished to remain anonymous in the report because it is probably breaking an NDA and more.

Windows 8 Tablets And Smartphones Need As Many App Developers As Possible

Microsoft has been catching up fast with the tablet and smartphone industry. Their goal is to kick-start a 3rd party ecosystem for the upcoming Windows 8 platform and their app store (app store is officially confirmed). If they manage to convince many 3rd-party developers to work on apps for Windows 8, Microsoft will already have loads of applications right from the start.

The tablets that will be given to developers will also ensure that the apps are designed to be as touch friendly as possible. As a leading technology company, Microsoft understands that the consumer demand for tablets is on the rise and will soon replace laptops and desktops for casual computer users. As of right now, Microsoft snagged a small percentage of the market share – only 5% of tablets are running Windows 7 

Published: Tuesday, September 13th, 2011 Last Modified: September 13, 2011

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