Can Watch Dogs live up to the hype?

Watch Dogs impressed everyone at E3 2012 and it returned to E3 2013 and showed everyone a little more about what to expect from the upcoming stealth-action adventure title.

Watch Dogs promises to be more than just an in the future version of Assassin’s Creed

Watch Dogs will inevitably draw comparison to fellow Ubisoft series Assassin’s Creed – and that is no bad thing – but some of the latest snippets have shown the game has a lot more unique attributes.

Yes the parkour running and closed combat fighting return and might make you think you are playing a cybered-up Assassins Creed but these were two of the strongest elements of that series and are expected to be refined to even greater levels than before.


Watch Dogs set to take place in a metropolitan futuristic Chicago

The game is set to take place in a scaringly accurate near-future Chicago where everything is wired into a single network that is known as CityOS. This system oppresses society by surveillance and control.

You play trouble making hacker Aiden Pearce who appears not best pleased with the status-quo and with only a smartphone is able to hack in to pretty much anything leading to stealth situations along with combat action coming to the fore.


Trailer leak before E3 does little to dampen expectations

The trailer – which leaked before E3 even got underway – showed a mission in the game that had Aiden Pearce infiltrate a high class club looking to out a human trafficker.

We then see some action packed hand to hand combat as he takes on multiple villains while also interacting with the matrix like world around by turning on the sprinkler system offsetting further goons.

The timing of the game in itself is remarkable given the latest developments with the NSAs controversial data-collection programs which is sure to have the marketing team grinning as the game will be sure to receive some extra press because of it.

“We wanted to tell a story that asks important questions,” mentions producer Brian Fleming. “How much freedom should we sacrifice in the name of security?” Despite the heavy topics the developers promises the game to be more fun and entertaining then preachy.


Watch Dogs set for November release

With the hype train fully underway after two impressive E3 appearances gamers will be able to experience futuristic Chicago for themselves soon enough.

The game is set for release on all major platforms, including Xbox One and PS4, by November this year.

Published: Tuesday, June 18th, 2013 Last Modified: June 18, 2013

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