Can Microsoft Monitor Your Skype Calls? We Don’t Know, And It Won’t Confirm

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Microsoft’s acquisition of Skype still isn’t implemented in current software, and the company isn’t commenting on rumors claiming calls be monitored. The company simply said it trys to help with legal eavesdropping.

We could be having our calls monitored, if the rumors are true

Where’s Skype for Kinect? Not arriving, apparently, but don’t count it out in the future, and there are rumors Microsoft is monitoring calls despite the company remaining coy on the rumor.

Microsoft didn’t answer the question whether it could intercept encrypted calls via Skype, but the company curiously said it does help with legal eavesdropping. The company didn’t clarify what legal eavesdropping means.

Microsoft said Skype cooperates with law enforcement agencies as much as is legally and technically possible, and Microsoft added the company’s statement is all it will say when asked about indirect answers. I’m not sure monitoring calls is something I’m comfortable with.

The rumors of intercepting calls come from Microsoft’s patent, this year, saying it can silently record communications. There’s also issues over Skype, as the government demands encrypted calls from the service, and there have been recommendations against using the service if security is a priority.

Skype With Microsoft Changes Company Dynamic

Infonetics analyst Matthias Machowinski said Skype has changed from an smaller company to being involved with Microsoft. Machowinski added Skype didn’t have to comply with U.S. regulations in the past.

The service is arriving in Windows Phone 8, after being seen by some as belated. It seems like a no-brainer for Microsoft to have video chat functionality, where tapping Skype can send a video chat request to contacts. If there is an indicator to show video-capable Windows Phones, then it would be solid integration for Microsoft.

It also seems like getting Skype integrated on Kinect will attract users to the motion sensing peripheral, given the lack of good games for available. If I can talk to friends on TV via Kinect, or have them in a video-enabled party chat, then I’d be tempted to buy the accessory. It’ll be interesting to see, therefore, what Microsoft does with the next-generation version of Kinect. It’s going to be a key device for the next-generation Xbox, and I think more of a device for social network integration and media apps.

Published: Thursday, July 26th, 2012 Last Modified: July 26, 2012

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