Can Denna Make You A More Productive Windows 10 User?

The world of productivity has various philosophies, apps, techniques, and methods that many people use on a daily basis. I use some for writing and my life, and a new one popped up on the Windows Store named Deanna.

Denna is a free Windows 10 app made by MAH Studio, and its a very simple productivity app, and it combines the worlds of a todo list and a task manager app in one. The thought is that is makes it the best way to manage your time while using full windows devices.

See Your Performance While Using Denna

App Features

The app itself has quite. few features built into the app, and its main goal is to help you manage your tasks. It has Cortana interaction that helps, as you can speak your tasks and appointments into the app, making that part much easier.

The app has action center actions that let you manage. your hoppies, postpone/edit/delete tasks, share tasks, back up tasks, and it also has graphs for performance charts on your tasks. It has quite a few features built for users to try out, and most of them work quite well.

Manage Your Tasks Using Denna

Beautiful App Design and UI

The app itself is designed very nicely, as most of the reviews in the Windows Store agree. Many people love the design, the UI, and the features of the app. The app works for those who are trying to manage their daily tasks and appointments, and competes against many of the more popular ones.

I gave the app a whirl to see if it could help me in my daily life, and I found the app quite helpful overall. I loved the app design and fluidity of creating tasks and completing them, and think the app has a number of features to go until it becomes great. Many people argue that the app lacks syncing features, and I found that an issue too.

Are you a productivity nut and love testing new apps? Try out Denna and let us know!

Published: Tuesday, December 12th, 2017 Last Modified: December 12, 2017

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