Call of Juarez: The Cartel June 28th

The Old West is back this June: Call of Juarez will be coming out on June 28th.

Call of Juarez

Call of Juarez: The Cartel release date announce

Gamers looking forward to the new modernized version of Call of Juarez will be happy to hear that an official release date has been announced for the new update titled The Cartel. It appears that the game will be coming out on June 28th with no reason to think that the date is false. While Ubisoft is yet to actually release the official confirmation of the date, major gaming retailers Target, Best Buy, GameStop, Walmart, and Amazon are all taking pre-sales for this very date. In the UK, Amazon has the release date scheduled for the first of July.

Updated theme for The Cartel

While players of the franchise may be used to crime in the Old West, the sequel is said to be set in modern times with a drug busting theme attached to it. It also is going to offer gamers the chance to play in co-ops if they like which should make game play much more interesting for everyone involved. Some players are disappointed in the updated plot with worry that signature elements are going to be abandoned, but new weapons that are updated to meet modern times may be too enticing to deny. 

Ties with previous Call of Juarez titles

Not everything is going to be abandoned despite the fact that The Cartel leaves the Old West behind, as two of the main characters will be relatives of the main protagonists of the previous two titles tying the plot in nicely with earlier games. The game is also said to offer a ‘new’ Old West setting that will pay homage to the earlier versions and hopefully help keep the carefully cultivated spirit alive enough to pay off for fans.

Negative press from officials in Juarez

The gaming community may be willing to give it a chance, but it seems that the people of Juarez may not be as the city officials in Mexican town want it banned before its even released out of fear that it will move children to violence. According to officials the game is a little too close to the problems that actually do face the city and are afraid that it will be too much for children to comprehend as they may start to associate the gaming environment with reality leading to catastrophe in some cases. 

Release: June 28th US, July 1st UK

Published: Monday, June 20th, 2011 Last Modified: June 20, 2011

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