Call Of Duty Elite: Friday Night Fights

The CEO of Activision announced the initial episode of Friday Night Fights.

Call of Duty Elite

Friday Night Fights Debuts On Call Of Duty Elite

Game publisher Activision has announced that the initial episode of the Friday Night Fights shall debut on Call of Duty Elite. This episode will be exclusively available for premium subscribers on November 25th, this Friday.

Call of Duty fans deserve no less than sports fans, says CEO of Activision

The Chief Executive Officer of Activision Publishing, Eric Hirshberg, has stated that their goal has been to bring together the Call of Duty Universe together with Call of Duty Elite in new ways, from the beginning. Hirshberg also stated that Call of Duty is so popular that fans of the franchise often spend as much time playing the games as sports fans spend following games. And he further stated that when sports fans are getting different shows apart from the pro games, it was only fair that the Call of Duty fans too should get the same.

Hirshberg further stated that the quality of production can’t be expected to get any higher when one works with executive producers Tony Scott and Ridley Scoot and the like and nothing less is deserved by the Call of Duty community. He went on to say that Activision is always looking for new ways to connect the people with the game they love as a common medium. Interestingly, more can be expected as Hirshberg further said that Friday Night Fights is just a beginning and much more can be expected by fans in the future.

Show time!

Directed by RJ Cutler and executive produced by Ridley Scott and Tony, the debut to air on Call of Duty which is also the first original entertainment program for games is reported to be worthy of the interest it is generating. The show is scheduled to go live at 12.00 PM, Pacific Standard Time on November 25th, this Friday. The entire episode can be replayed on Call of Duty Elite, in case you manage to miss the show!

Published: Friday, November 25th, 2011 Last Modified: April 15, 2014

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