Call of Duty Black Ops Multiplayer Currency & Weapon Customization

A couple of interesting details about the multiplayer online mode of Call of Duty Black Ops leaked before the actual multiplayer reveal event. Here are the latest breaking news!

Black Ops Multiplayer Currency Weapon Customization

Black Ops Wager Matches

Call of Duty Black Ops will have a virtual currency. This currency might be inspired by games like Counter-Strike: Source, which also provides a gambling system via “!bet”.

There will be special wager matches; a wager match will put it you into one of 4 different gameplay modes and you will play for virtual money and bragging rights:

  • One in the Chamber (you only have one bullet to kill other players)
  • Sharpshooter (you get a random weapon)
  • Sticks and Stones (crossbow, knife and Tomahawk will be your weapons)
  • Gun Game (kill players with 20 different weapons)

Weapon Customization

Another interesting detail slipped. Customization. You will be able to customize your weapons and put a tag on them so they will be labeled as yours. Weapon attachments will also play a role in the multiplayer mode. Obviously, you will be able to buy the weapon attachments and tags with ingame money (we still don’t know the name of the currency).

Looks like they want to make the competitions as much fun as possible. Gambling will definitely add more suspense to the competition! Great changes. Who doesn’t love gambling? Especially if you can influence the outcome of the bet!

Published: Thursday, September 2nd, 2010 Last Modified: September 2, 2010

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