Call of Duty Black Ops Beta Release Date

There’s currently no official beta release date. If you happen to stumble on any beta codes for Black Ops, please ignore them. If you really want to become a beta testers for Black Ops there are better ways to do that.

Is there going to be a Call of Duty Black Ops beta?
The release date for Call of Duty Black Ops is the 9th November 2010. If they are going to do a multiplayer beta test as they did for World at War, they have to start it relatively soon. Bioware has already started the closed beta test for SWTOR and that is scheduled for 2011! So, what is Activision waiting for? A beta would give us the chance to test the game and see if they’re heading into a good direction. Unfortunately, they’re probably just milking the successful franchise and don’t want people to actually try the game before they pre-ordererd the game.

Beta / Multiplayer Release Date
If we have any news about a beta release date or multiplayer beta, we’ll be posting them here. Bookmark if you want to to stay up to date.

Published: Monday, July 12th, 2010 Last Modified: July 12, 2010

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