Call of Duty 7 Trailer

Of course there is no official Call of Duty 7 trailer out yet, but considering that the release date of Call of Duty 7 will be this year, we can soon expect an official trailer (they will probably reveal it at the E3!!). So, here are the best funny, fan-made unofficial Call of Duty 7 Trailers.
Call of Duty 7 Trailer

Call of Duty 7 Trailer: Birds at War

Funny idea after all ;)

Ok here’s a bit more serious trailer:

Call of Duty 7 Weapons:

complete list of “possible” Call of Duty 7 Weapons

So, who’s gonna win this year? Mario or Call of Duty?

Mario outsells Call of Duty (2009)

I hope that I will remember this post in November and then we’ll see if the new Mario or Zelda will outsell Call of Duty again.
Actually, I wouldn’t be surprised if Zelda would be able to outsell CoD this year.

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Published: Wednesday, February 17th, 2010 Last Modified: February 17, 2010

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