Buy Placer For BBC Radio Brings BBC To Windows 10

The BBC radio network is one of the biggest ones throughout the world, and in the UK it has established itself as the radio network and media empire. With Buy Player For BBC Radio, you can get it on your Windows 10 device.

Player for BBC Radio is a free Windows 10 app made by developer Ranjith Kumar S. It’s not an offical BBC radio app for Windows 10, but it brings all the joy of the BBC Radio networks to users on their devices.

Listen To BBC Radio With Great Windows 10 App

App Features

With Player for BBC Radiol users can enjoy live streaming of all the BBC radio stations, no mattter where in the world they are located. This gives users the flexibility to listen to it when they want and where they want.

The app features a very genius user interface, and support background audio play. This is extremely helpful if you use it while working, want to keep it on while getting homework done, or anything else you need.

Pick Your BBC Radio Station & Listen Right Away

Tune In & Listen With Ease

The Player for BBC Radio lets users listen to all the stations, and then pick their favorite station to always stay tuned into. It has been very highly rated on the Windows Store and is an amazing radio app.

In our testing, it loads up very quickly from the Windows Store, lets you click and play within seconds, and starts streaming the BBC radio immediately. It works on desktops, laptops, and Windows 10 Mobile devices.

If you enjoy BBC radio, try this one out. It’s a great app, and perfect for the BBC listener around the globe.

Published: Thursday, May 11th, 2017 Last Modified: May 11, 2017

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