Business Management App Project Maderia Gets Windows 10 App

One of the more interesting projects coming from Microsoft in early 2016, is Project Maderia. This new business management solution for small businesses was recently announced at Build 2016, and gets a matching Windows 10 app for users to try out.

The Project Maderia project is available to some in a public preview, and with the Windows 10 app, users can get a streamlined experience to manage their businesses easier. Features of the app make it worth trying out if you run a business.

Microsoft Releases Windows 10 App For Project Maderia

Project Maderia App Features

With Project Maderia, users are able to manage invoices, quotes, and more within programs like Outlook. The app works intensely with Office programs, and gives users on Windows 10 options to bring all things together in a streamlined experience.

The Project Maderia app on Windows 10 is completely cloud focused though, and is a project build on Microsoft Azure. This makes it scalable for small businesses just getting on Windows 10, to large scale enterprises who have Windows 10 on multiple systems.

Microsoft Gives Businesses Enterprise Tool With Project Madeira

Mobile and Built For Growth

The Windows 10 app for Project Maderia, is a mobile experience on phones and tablets, and works on tablets and PC’s as well. It can be accessed from any Windows 10 device, and that makes the Project Maderia experience one like no other.

Windows 10 is still growing in businesses, and Project Maderia will help that with this app. It can be used in businesses as small as 10 users to up to 100 or more. It puts a fully managed set of tools in the cloud, and further makes Windows 10 more enticing to businesses.

If you run a company or are an IT professional, download the Project Maderia Windows 10 app. It’s still in preview, and worth checking out.

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Published: Friday, April 15th, 2016 Last Modified: April 15, 2016

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