Bungie Show Off Destiny at Gamescom

Bungie used Gamescom-the biggest gaming event of the calendar year-to showcase their newest project Destiny.

Gamplay Footage Shown During Live Demo

Bungie have remained largely quiet regarding their newest series and follow-up to the massively popular Halo franchise

However, at the recent Gamescom in Cologne, Germany , they showed just enough of the game to increase anticipation and excitement for the ambitious project.


Gameplay footage they showed started out in an area they referred to as “old Russia” a landscape that has been ravaged by the passage of time. They then proceeded to show us the various aspects and intricacies are set to make Destiny one of the most ambitious first person shooters yet.

Freedom of World and Gamplay Explored

They first explored the freedom that the world and gameplay provides the gamer. We are quickly shown how they are free to choose their own path. The beginning of a campaign mission is shown with the developer telling us how every mission is built from the ground up with Co-op play in mind.

And then we see how seamless aspect of destiny will work – as another player sweeps in from the spaceship to join the gameplay almost instantly.

Throughout the demo of we are told how “you are the hero” and it is “your story”. We are giving of runthrough of how the characters appearance and abilities change as your character evolves.


We then get to see some of these abilities in play as the two players progress with their campaign mission. One player lightens up the area and the path ahead while the other uses their abilities in a more traditional sense – by wiping out the enemy. A shooting sequence follows that can’t help but resemble Halo.

We are also given a guide on how exotic weapons will play a key part in your journey – these weapons are unique and can be upgraded with abilities and extra features as your character develops.


Finally, we see the much touted public event feature when out of nowhere a different spaceship touches down with enemies that the players join together to get rid of. It is a key area Bungie are pushing as they try to break down the barriers of single player, coop play and multiplayer.

Still No Release Date

Overall, the in game demo gameplay footage went down a hit with gamers as they discussed the numerous possibilities the gameplay elements will present.


Unfortunately, at a moment there is still a release date to be announced but in the meantime, you can check out the footage for yourself in the video above.

Published: Thursday, August 29th, 2013 Last Modified: September 1, 2013

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