Bullguard Launches Complete Antivirus Product For Windows 10

Bullguard, who is one of the leaders of antivirus and mobile security has been waiting to launch its latest Windows 10 product. This week, Bullguard finally launched it, and gives a lot of new features to Windows 10 users like never before.

With its over 650,000 customers, Bullguard has a larger than normal renewal rate of customers, and gives its security conscious users reasons to subscribe to it. The Windows 10 version of it with its new features will be a seller as well.

Windows 10 Security Strengthens With Bulldog Internet Security Launch

Dropbox Integration and Enchanced PC Tune Up

The first major thing that Bullguard did, was offer a secure way to safeguard files. It offers users 5GB of encrypted backup to Dropbox via the software. This allows users to automatically backup important documents and photos, and access them anytime with Dropbox.

Secondly, the Bulldog Internet Security Suite for Windows 10 improves performance. It includes ways to see duplicate files, deletes unnecessary files, and offers a one-click way to remove unwanted files. Processes can also be monitored with the new program.

Bulldog Internet Security Launches For Windows 10

Stronger Antivirus & Better Parental Controls

The new Windows 10 version of the software also has a stronger antivirus than its previous versions. It has a streamlined quaratine process and provides protection in the background. It will detect malware at Windows start-up, combats rootkit attacks, and protects the PC.

Lastly, the Bullguard product gives enhanced reports and better in-depth child monitoring. This lets parents view profiles of their children, and set restrictions on when apps can be run. All of this makes childrens experiences safer on Windows 10.

The new product from Bulldog is available today. It has a three-user license and is worth checking out on Windows 10.

Published: Thursday, November 12th, 2015 Last Modified: November 12, 2015

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