Bulletstorm Windows 7 Theme: Don’t get hit!

Bulletstorm is another EA shooter that is coming in 2011. Here’s a Bulletstorm Windows 7 theme for all fans of fast-paced action games.

Bulletstorm Windows 7 Theme

New: Hot Bulletstorm Dual-Monitor Wallpapers

Bulletstorm Dual Monitor Wallpaper 1
Bulletstorm Dual Monitor Wallpaper 2
Bulletstorm Dual Monitor Wallpaper 3
Bulletstorm Dual Monitor Wallpaper 4

Some of the others wallpapers included in the Windows 7 theme:

Download Bulletstorm Windows 7 Theme + Dual Monitor Wallpapers

Bulletstorm Windows 7 Theme

Download Windows 7 Bulletstorm Theme

In Bulletstorm you’ll get tons of unique weapons and skillshots to unleash a storm of bullets on your enemies. The trailer is definitely looking nice:

Epic graphics, epic dialogues, epic weapons and skills. What else do you expect from an action shooter?

Published: Wednesday, August 4th, 2010 Last Modified: April 13, 2015

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