High-Quality Bulletstorm Dual-Monitor Wallpaper

We have created a bunch of high-quality Bulletstorm dual-monitor wallpaper. The wallpapers are now part of our exclusive Bulletstorm Windows 7 Theme!

Bulletstorm Dual Monitor Wallpapers

The dual-monitor wallpapers are all available in a very high resolution ) and there are two versions of the wallpapers, one with the Bulletstorm logo and one without. Check out the 4 wallpapers below:

Bulletstorm Dual Monitor Wallpapers 1

Bulletstorm Dual Monitor Wallpapers 2

Bulletstorm Dual Monitor Wallpapers 3

Bulletstorm Dual Monitor Wallpapers 4

The dual-monitor wallpapers can be easily applied via DisplayFusion. If you are new to dual-monitor wallpapers, we have a very extensive guide how to set up dual-monitor wallpapers properly!

Download Bulletstorm Dual-Monitor Wallpaper + Theme

Update: Here’s the blue wallpaper with the blue Bulletstorm logo (blue glow):

Wallpaper With Bulletstorm Logo

You are welcome to submit suggestions for new dual-monitor wallpapers. If you have any high resolution screenshots send them to us and we can create some wallpapers for you.

Published: Saturday, February 26th, 2011 Last Modified: June 3, 2013

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