Build Amazing Products With Sway On Windows 10

When you are creating reports, presentations, stories or more, it often is the same type of presentation for many. On Windows 10, Microsoft’s Office Team has given users Sway, which helps users build amazing products.

Sway is more of a productivity tool, that gives users new ways of building reports, presentations, newsletters, and personal stories. It brings together content and interactive content, and exports them into amazing end results.

Microsoft Makes Windows 10 Shine With Sway Presentations

Takes Minutes

With Windows 10, users are able to start using Sway within minutes, and start building their presentations. They can copy in or enter their content, import videos and slideshows, import photos, and turn them into mindblowing results.

Sway at the same time helps users search for relevant images, videos, tweets, and other social media for their projects. It also includes formatting tools to help users customize their Sway’s, and export them to others on the web.

Microsoft Makes Sway A Striving App For Windows 10 With Frequent Updates

Sway Gets Better By The Month

Ever since the app was in testing, it got frequent updates. The latest updates to the product include recent office document viewing, support for Power BI and embeds, text editing updates, and more.

The Sway tool is available to Windows 10 users at and is part of the Office and Office 365 product program. It costs nothing to start using the Sway application, and is available on the web and directly on Windows 10.

If you like building presentations, try Sway. It’s a great tool for Windows 10 users, and is fun to use.

Published: Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016 Last Modified: March 4, 2016

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