Build 3D Objects On Windows 10 With 3D Builder

As the world of design and creation moves from a two dimensional to a three dimensional space. computers are evolving to support it as well. Microsoft has a Windows 10 app that any 3D builder will find easy to use and start build with today.

Microsoft has built the application as 3D Builder, which is a simple and straight forward app for anyone to use today. The goal with it, is to start building 3D objects on a Windows PC, and even repair 3D models and objects.

Microsoft Updates 3D Builder App On Windows 10

Professional Level Design

The first look at this app would appear as this is a simple and almost child-like build, but 3D Builder is a professional level app. It lets users scan to emmerse the object in full color and get the 3D model of the anatomy.

Once the user has the full 3D rendering ready to go, the app even includes the ability to order professional level prints of the models in the app. It’s supported by the 3D systems Cubify service, and is a great feature.

Microsoft Gives Windows 10 Fans 3D Builder Updated

Big Updates From Initial Release

The 3D Builder app is almost a year old and hasn’t gotten much love from Microsoft since then. The latest update, which appears almost a year later, contains fixes and works with the 3D scan app. This makes it more stable and easy to use.

The app is preinstalled on all Windows 10 machines and PC’s, and is part of Windows 10 supporting 3D printing out of the gate. The ability to import webcam and other images, and adding bases to uneven objects makes this app shine.

Download the 3D Builder and see for yourself. Dabble in 3D and see how well Windows 10 does for you.

Published: Tuesday, February 16th, 2016 Last Modified: February 16, 2016

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