BUILD 2015 Schedule For 2015 Announced

The Build event from Microsoft started as an intial event, and has grown into a major developer place to be seen. Microsoft started with the goal of bringing Windows developers together to showcase new products and items, and on Tuesday, BUILD 2015 had its schedule rolled out for 2015.

The BUILD 2015 conference, which is being hosted at the end of April, has been sold out ever since its initial announcement. The sell out was quick, and is one of those must be there type shows. But this year, Microsoft is making BUILD more than just the conference, and making it three separate events.

Microsoft Posts Series Of BUILD 2015 Events

BUILD Conference 2015

The first item up is the BUILD 2015 conference, being hosted in San Francisco, California. It is being held from April 29 to May 1st, and Microsoft will be live-streaming the event on their website for those who cannot attend. Microsoft will also be live-streaming sessions from the event and interviews.

Microsoft is even allowing users to add the event reminders to their Outlook calendars, so they remember to watch the keynotes and sessions as they occur. Microsoft is also making all the sessions available to users via their Channel 9 website within 48 hours of the event, which is a huge plus for those who aren’t there.

Microsoft Expands BUILD 2015 To More Than Just A Developer Conference For Many

BUILD TOUR and Windows 10 Game Jam

Along with BUILD 2015, Microsoft is also taking the BUILD TOUR on the road, right after the events at the Moscone Center are done. Microsoft has 23 events on their schedule, and these events will showcase and show-off the latest technologies, cover Windows 10, and show users the future of Windows on their desktops, phones, and more.

Microsoft will also be hosting the Microsoft Imagine Windows 10 Game Jam from May 8 to May 24. It is aimed at game developers, and is going to be a 24-hour game hackathon in some cities. It will feature guidance for developers, a tremendous set of knowledge at each event, and show off game engines, frameworks, and will be held in over 40+ cities worldwide.

Microsoft’s BUILD events will be huge in 2015. It’s not just BUILD, but the BUILD Show.

Published: Wednesday, April 8th, 2015 Last Modified: April 8, 2015

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