Bring News Together With Newsflow On Windows 10

News sites are all over the Internet today, and having to bookmark many of them, and remembering their URL’s can be a chore. But, what if a Windows 10 app could bring all the RSS feeds of those websites into one place? Well, Newsflow is the kind of app you might like.

Newsflow is a different type of News app for Windows 10, but it is built for newslovers, and those who savor the news. It has a ton of options available for users to enjoy, and the features should keep any CNN, Fox News, BBC, or news fan very content.

Organize and Read News Stories With Newsflow

Newsflow Features

What the Newsflow app does which is different, is take all the RSS feeds of news sites, and downloads to the device and stores them locally. This means that you can pick and choose your news sites, topics, and stories, and get them in one single spot.

With it, you can receive new notifications of new news, share news with your friends, browse newslines by keywords, view article images, add news to your favorites, and organize them as you wish. It’s a very customizable app, and its built for Windows 10.

Organize & View News Stories At Ease On Windows 10 Devices

Built For Windows 10

Newsflow is a app built for Windows 10, as it lets you pin live tiles with the latest news, favorites, and read later sections for your categories, feeds, and tags. This means that your favorite topics and categories are a live tile away, and load quickly.

Advanced features like reading news articles with extended readability, watching YouTube videos and HTML videos within the app, playing GIF animations, and other features are also built into the app. It’s got a ton of features, and for a free app is a great one.

If you love the news, try Newsflow. It’s free, and worth organizing your news with it today.

Published: Tuesday, October 18th, 2016 Last Modified: October 18, 2016

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